Have camera. Will travel.

Kurt William Kamka is a sought after photographer for commercial, documentary, street, non-profit and NGO assignments worldwide. 

Kurt has spent a number of years working in various locations in the US. He has also spent a significant amount of time living and photographing is Southeast Asia.

Kurt is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, where he continues to use his camera to document his unique view on the human condition.

Kurt has taught street and documentary workshops in Manila, Singapore and the United States. His photos have been shown in a number of galleries around Asia and the US.

Before focusing solely on photography, Kurt spent over twenty years working in advertising for some of the largest global brands including P&G, US Bank, Firestone, Bayer, McDonalds, Nikon, Samsung, UCB, Delta Airlines and others developing multi-sensory marketing experiences.

Kurt’s photos highlight our shared experience ... a scene, a look or an emotion that crosses borders and can’t be defined by any one language. An excellent street photographer, Kurt is currently in the middle of a multi-year street photography/street portrait project, Plain Manila, that documents the day-to-day complexities of community life in the barrios of Manila.

Kurt is available for photo assignments around the world.

Contact: kurt@kurtkamka.com

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